Students got, ummm, educated during Sexual Awareness Week.
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Sexual Awareness Week educates students

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Perogies, pornography, sex toys and an old lady talking about orgasms slid into MacEwan Student Centre during the Students' Union's third annual Sexual Awareness Week.

The week ran Nov. 27-29 and featured "Perogies and Porn," a free food and documentary screening Monday, speaker Sue Johanson Tuesday and a sexual education trade show Wednesday.

While the first Sexual Awareness Week was marred with conflict after exotic dancers walked through the MSC wearing only chain mail, this year's event went much smoother according to SU vice-president events Eric Jablonski.

"We're trying to avoid some of the problems that we've faced in the past," noted Jablonski. "We're being really clear with outside groups about what our expectations are."

Though one vendor at the sex trade show was wearing an outfit made of only beads, Jablonski guaranteed she would not venture outside of the MacEwan Hall Ballroom where the event was held.

Despite the lack of public nudity, some things about Sexual Awareness Week stayed the same. Feature speaker Johanson, who is well know for her television program Sex With Sue, came to campus during the last awareness week in March. Despite the repeat performance, Jablonski noted that Johanson still drew a large crowd.

"In my experience, speakers don't go over that well," noted Jablonski. "You have to book a big name. That's why we doubled up, even though Sue was here less than a year ago. The show is different every time, based on the questions people ask. An old lady talking about sex never gets old."

Jablonski added that relationship comedian Daniel Packard opened for Johanson, bringing another element to this year's event.

The sexual trade show featured vendors who were given table space free of charge to sell toys, erotic photo services and clothing. Campus and community sexual information groups such as the Gay and Lesbian Academic Students and Staff club and the Calgary Birth Control Association also provided information to students.

Of the 25 groups confirmed, some failed to show, leaving noticeable gaps between vendors in the ballroom.

"Because they're not paying like they would at a regular trade show, they really have nothing invested, but there were a lot of campus groups interested so I didn't want to charge anyone," said Jablonski. "Some people think what they're showing is very educational."




With you all I celebrate sexuality as a beautiful gift from God for which I am thankful for.

I am truly inspired by couples that I see who are committed to each other for life and have been blessed with children.

It is also painful for me to see so many who struggle with their sexuality and how I wish that groups like "Sex Addict Anonymous" would also be fairly represented during "Sexual Awareness Week".

I for one struggled with my sexuality from my teenage years, but have found help from the Catholic Church and prayer/church groups for people who struggle like me. I wish that when I attended University, not so long ago), they would have been present on campus.