From this moment on

Spun: Diana Krall

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Krall's latest release, From This Moment On finds her in top form. Her always-sultry vocal delivery seems even more sensual and relaxed as she delves into the Great American Songbook and reworks 12 of her favourite jazz standards.

Krall's piano playing remains as skilful as ever. This woman truly shines on her instrument, combining technical dexterity with heart-felt emotion. She's accompanied by her regular top-notch quartet which features Anthony Wilsons' elegant guitar touches and a super-smooth rhythm section. The all-star crew is joined by the Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, who add their polished big-band touch to seven of the tracks.

Among the numerous highlights is the high-spirited Cole Porter title track, which includes impressive horns and a guest appearance from piano virtuoso Gerald Clayton. In contrast is the pleasantly laid-back rendition of Irving Berlin's "Isn't This A Lovely Day," in which Krall's warm voice paints the perfect picture of a rainy day.

It won't take a team of psychologists to figure out From This Moment On. It's simply an enjoyable hour of music from a woman who knows and loves what she's doing.