Spun: Gwen Stefani


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Imagining No Doubt without Gwen Stefani is rather dismal. However, the No Doubtless Stefani is a much more interesting prospect, demonstrated on her first solo outing, Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

Predictably and purposefully shallow, the disco diva's sultry vocals are supported by a variety of collaborators including Dr. Dre, the Neptunes and Andre 3000. Unfortunately, they provide the obligatory dance floor beats without breaking any new ground. In fact, some of the rhythms are reminiscent of one's first time out with a drum machine.

"Bubble Pop Electric" is one of the album's more innovative tracks, however, the title aptly sums up the bulk of this album. Produced by Johnny Vulture (Andre 3000), the slick production and impressive vocal harmonies propel some of the more interesting and accelerated beats.

The opening single, "What Are You Waiting For?" pops like in her techno-burlesque performance at the MTV 2004 European Music Awards. Despite insipid lyrics like "Take a chance you stupid ho," the music has the fun of a Missing Persons on acid track.

While Stefani's vocals are the real treat, the relentless pedestrian beats bog down the entire affair after a while, and by the end of L.A.M.B. you're glad the party's over.