Young People With Faces
(Reprise Records)

Spun: Maurice

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Young People With Faces is a very likable, easy to listen to album, overflowing with multi-talented musicians. Maurice is catchy and although their album does not make you want to head bob or dance, they create excellent driving or winding down music. Be ready to listen to this 13-track album again and again.

One of my favourite aspects of the band might be the fact that they use a varied collection of real instruments, instead of the auto-tuned and synthesized music that is currently so trendy. In addition to the traditional bass, guitar and drums you will hear mandolin and even a lap steel. The diverse instrumentation will please and entertain.

Admittedly Maurice can get a little whiney and emotional, such as in "Midnight Kiss," but the songs always have a story and intent. Certain lyrics will pop out at you, bringing to light the comedic but incredibly complicated dimensions of the band. In the song "How You Spend Your Time," you realize that Maurice is needy and wants their respective partners to spend more time with them.

The song that's most likely to make you tap your foot, "Love is Love," also presents an interesting mix of contradictions. The chorus opens with the cliche line "love is enough," but continues, "love is love, whatever you consider that to be." Are we considering what love is, or what enough is?

Overall though, it's best just to let Maurice's powerful vocals and talented music wash over you and evoke whatever emotions you have.