A World Within a World
(EMI Music)

SPUN: Raul Midon

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There's always one fucking douchebag with a guitar at a party, playing some soulful love songs in an attempt to moisten some girl's panties. Raul Midon is one such individual. Having toured as a backup singer for musical "acts" like Shakira, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez, Midon has stepped into the limelight with his latest release A World Within a World. While his album is musically competent, it comes off as a cloying attempt at cashing in on the R&B-flavoured, singer-songwriter shtick made famous by Ben Harper and Jason Mraz.

Musically, the album is a simple and proficient guitar-infused R&B album. It's catchy, and serves to accentuate the smoothness of Midon's voice. Unfortunately, lyrically, it's the traditional love-song bullshit that's been done to death. Not to say that the lyrics are stupid or horrible, it's just that each song on the album has been done a million times before and each fits into a specific category of love song. "The More that I Know" is a song about missing a girl and wanting to be close to her. The song "All Because of You" is about discovering love with a woman after giving up on it. "Peace on Earth" is pretty self-evident.

This is the kind of music created and mass-marketed to the yuppie, yoga-pant-wearing set who sip their lattes and listen to the latest bland and inoffensive Starbucks mix CD. If you find yourself listening to Jason Mraz or Ben Harper, A World Within a World will be right up your alley. Otherwise, you can find the same type of music played by some curly-haired loser at some greasy open mic night.





The best part is, I got e-mailed comments from Raul Midon's management company that literally couldn't be posted here because they are both slanderous AND abusive.

Your hook implies that you've partied with Raul Midon.

And as much as I like the joke--were the management company's emails any more slanderous and abusive than calling their artist a "fucking douchebag?" You could have easily made the same joke without the vitriol, and it would have been better off for it, I think.

Those are my thoughts, Mr. Marcellus.