Endless Wire
(Universal Republic

Spun: The Who

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Who's left? Although down to two surviving original members and 24 years since their last studio recording, the Who have managed to create a masterpiece. Roger Daltrey has always been at his best singing the shit out of Pete Townshend's compositions and Endless Wire is no exception.

The new release CD consists of 21 songs divided into two parts. The first nine are stand alone tracks while the remaining 12 comprise a mini-opera entitled Wire & Glass, a futuristic view of technology and communications.

The opening refrain of the first song, "Fragments" is an obvious and effective ode to "Baba O'Riley," and sets the mood for the album as Townshend and the band crash into it in classic Who style. This rocker is immediately followed by the acoustic "Man In A Purple Dress," inspired by The Passion of The Christ film.

"In The Ether" features Daltrey in Tom Waites mode, painfully growling "This is heavenly hell/I appear insane/I have no idea/who there is to blame." The track is a lonely look into the depths of mental health and spirtuality.

Endless Wire is an inspired, cohesive effort with exceptional backing musicians and state of the art production. The Who are back, and in fine form.