Loose Moose's new theatre.
Dario Verelli/the Gauntlet

Theatre Preview: Loose Moose no longer on the loose

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Calgary's venerable Loose Moose Theatre Company has truly been on the loose more for than they'd like. This will all change Fri., Nov. 11 when the company opens the doors to its new location. Having lacked a permanent home since it left the Garry Theatre early in 2003, Loose Moose will now be staging its improv in a brand new venue in the Crossroads Market.

Making a trip to the new theatre as workers race to be ready for opening night requires a fair degree of improvisation itself. Accommodations must be made for the whir of drills and pounding of hammers and the obstacle course of plywood and sawhorses as one struggles to conduct an interview. Artistic Director and U of C grad Dennis Cahill is the person who has reason to be the most stressed about all this, though he is remarkably jolly.

"This theatre is a lot more welcoming [compared to the Garry]," he says of the high ceiling and raked seating which contribute to an open feel. He's also enthusiastic about the theatre's location, which puts it in close proximity to art galleries and cappuccino bars. "This is kind of a cool place to be."

Of course surroundings and location aren't the only attractive aspects Loose Moose has in its corner, especially to students. Its audience skews younger than those of most other Calgary theatre companies and it keeps this market in mind.

"Every night is student night," says Cahill. True to his word, Loose Moose's upcoming season offers plenty of young adult-friendly fare. Micetro Impro, geared to the drama queens and kings among us allows audience members to submit wacky personal experiences for the performers to use on stage. For those tired of Theatre Calgary's predictable take on A Christmas Carol, there is A Chrismoose Carol.

"We usually do it in a non-traditional way," Cahill explains.

What else could one expect coming from an improv troupe?