Art Preview: The First Thursday of Art Central

By Paul Jarvey

Last Thursday played host to a warm reception at Art Central, where exhibitions showcased everything from far away fashion to the seductive art of the space’s various artists and galleries. While the show may lack unity and the odd purist could be spotted rapidly backtracking in confusion, many surprises were revealed within the bright lights… Continue reading Art Preview: The First Thursday of Art Central

Art Review: This exhibit brought to you by the word “the”

By Rob Scherf

Take a moment to consider the immense amount of information the average person intakes every day. Discounting the things our minds are required to internalize–class notes, conversations–there are always thousands of incidental details around us demanding notice. Imagine the millions of tiny and disposable bits of human life that those unremarkable details are built from,… Continue reading Art Review: This exhibit brought to you by the word “the”

Who says size doesn’t matter?

By Karoline Czerski

Once, there were no sculptors, simply craftsmen–the physical workers behind the great ideas of architects. Then, things changed.The Renaissance uncovered artistic vision in craftsmen and they became sculptors. Like canvas and paint to a painter, stone and chisel defined the sculptor.Well, things have changed again. Today, sculpture encompasses various different forms, and artistic vision come… Continue reading Who says size doesn’t matter?

Allyson Glenn exposes our humanity

By Alan Cho

Allyson Glenn’s figurative paintings shelter a stark nakedness impossible to ignore, and not naked in the sense of boobies, boobies and ass. This is a naked that suggests human beings have lost their tenuous grip on dignity, submitting to the spaces they awkwardly occupy. Forlorn people trapped in beds meant for smaller and more efficient… Continue reading Allyson Glenn exposes our humanity

i-Works fuses art and multimedia

By Alan Cho

I can’t help but be disappointed by the lack of robots. It’s ridiculous, but when I heard about the new exhibit at the Nickle Arts, one born from an unholy collaboration between artists and computer scientists, I expected robots. But there are no transforming engines of destruction, not even a pitiful, break dancing Urkel-bot. Instead,… Continue reading i-Works fuses art and multimedia

Hung out to dry

By Karoline Czerski

Overlooking 300 kilometers of mountain horizon, a serene, enigmatic landscape surrounds the Leighton Arts Centre. The Centre is the site of the annual Clothesline Art Sale, attracting artists, buyers and onlookers Sun., June 1. What began as a strawberry tea gathering in 1974 with Barbara Leighton and her friends has turned into an annual ritual.… Continue reading Hung out to dry

Crossing worth seeing

By Andrew Ross

“Crossing back and forth, between the two-dimensional format and three-dimensional forms in space. Crossing in and out, between illusionary and actual depth,” reads the artist’s statement. Crossing–currently at the University of Calgary’s Mezzanine Gallery–is Julie Chapdelaine’s personal exploration of forms in space. The series of six reliefs represents seven years of work on Chapdelaine’s part,… Continue reading Crossing worth seeing

Pictures of Change

By Jennifer Ludbrook

Photographer Graciela Iturbide examines what it really means to be Mexican’A woman makes her way through the dry brush of Mexico’s Sonora Desert, her long, white dress catching on the passing scrub, waist-long brown hair scattered by the elements on the open, rocky plain. In the midst of the rough, rural landscape the traditional is… Continue reading Pictures of Change