Popularizing popular print

By Diana Olowa

The complexity of graphic art is currently on display by John Hewitt and six of his Royal College of Art colleagues in the collective exhibition Vernacular Inscription. With all the artifacts produced through popular print, the exhibition acts as a commentary on graphic, or comic art as it is also known.Donald Parsnips, Chris Orr, Oran… Continue reading Popularizing popular print

Projecting the future of art in EMMEDIA

By Вen Li

Digital Sugar is neither a traditional art show, nor a motion picture exhibition, but it is interesting nonetheless.Described as an evening celebrating new media artists, the show at the EMMEDIA Gallery and Production Society features digitally-produced and edited videos by various local students at the Alberta College of Art and Design."This presentation is composed as… Continue reading Projecting the future of art in EMMEDIA

40 years in the making

By Michelle Blackwell

One of Canada’s senior contemporary artists, Garry Neill Kennedy, compiled 80 pieces of his work from various exhibitions over the past 40 years to create a show with a unique flavour, Work of Four Decades."My work definitely has minimalist overtones," says the former president of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. His colourful… Continue reading 40 years in the making

The beads of nature

By Corinna Callsen

She is creative, innovative and Calgarian, and her latest flash of inspiration displays all these aspects-and lots of beads.Shelley Ouellet’s latest work, Wish you Were Here, involves three paintings from the 19th century of the Saguenay River, Lake Louise and the Niagra Falls, blue lights and more than 180,000 beads."Basically, I was quite attracted to… Continue reading The beads of nature

Post-apocalyptic photography at the Nickle

By Wendy Maloff

What happens when a person gives themselves permission to bare everything and anything in the physical and mental sense? Then what happens when that person has the means to share it-all as a visual art?The answer to this question is at the University of Calgary’s Nickle Arts Museum, where Canadian photographer Diana Thorneycroft’s latest show… Continue reading Post-apocalyptic photography at the Nickle