C-TEP winners

The Centre of Transportation Engineering and Planning announced the winners of the 2003 Undergraduate Student Paper Competition last week, with U of C students taking first and second place. Chris Blaschuk placed first with his paper “Impacts on Passenger Wait Times from Transit Operations at Brentwood LRT Station” while Cory Wilson won second place with… Continue reading C-TEP winners

A little Extra Effort

The Gauntlet annually gives out the Extra Effort Award to two athletes that deserve it. This year’s recipients were from women’s hockey Kealy McGraw and from men’s volleyball Kelly Cherniwchan (far right). McGraw went out off her way to make inspirational pre-game CDS and highlight videos for her team, while Cherniwchan overcame injury after injury… Continue reading A little Extra Effort

Engineers sweep away competition

University of Calgary engineering students won first and second place in Mines Action Canada’s fourth annual Appropriate Demining Technology Competition. Tara Dorscher and Carl Roelt won the $5,000 first-place prize for their design of the Intellicharge Battery Charging System, which is an inexpensive alternative that charges mine detector batteries using solar power. Second place went… Continue reading Engineers sweep away competition

Electrical Engineer recognized

There’s a community at the U of C that–while sometimes forgotten–deserves both attention and recognition.The Council of Canadians with Disabilities awarded University of Calgary Electrical Engineering graduate student Sanjeet Singh with the ccd Award in Ottawa in July. The award recognizes members of the National Educational Association of Disabled Students executive board whose work benefits… Continue reading Electrical Engineer recognized

As Prime Minister finalist

If you were Prime Minister of Canada, what would you do? If your answer includes the value of Canadian youth staying in Canada, improving the Employment Insurance Program and changing business models to encourage entrepreneur-style business, then you may already be the winner of $10,000.Such is the case for Steve McIlvenna, a 34-year-old Ind-ustrial Design… Continue reading As Prime Minister finalist