Reads like its title suggests

By Jaime Burnet

Reading nunt is like listening to a cocky, middle-aged drunk trying to explain just how fucking tough he is by incorporating as much profanity as possible–especially the word cunt–into his tale of disregard for anything moderate. In this case, the cocky drunk is author Mingus Tourette, who has compiled biographical pieces of poetry written in… Continue reading Reads like its title suggests

Obliquitous kismet

By Ben Li

A decade ago, a book like this could not have been possible. Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure is a cautionary and autobiographical tale about life and obsession, set in modern times. Warning against mature inaction rather than the follies of youth, Googlewhack is remarkably enjoyable and easy to read. On the cusp of his thirty-second birthday,… Continue reading Obliquitous kismet

Whoopi outwits Devil Jazz

By Peter Hemminger

Craig Forgrave’s website claims Devil Jazz, his first novel, “unites for the first time anywhere: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, George and Ringo.” The thing is, that same joke appeared in Sister Act. When you’re using jokes from a decades old Whoopi Goldberg movie, it’s a problem. Another joke in the book involves the introduction… Continue reading Whoopi outwits Devil Jazz