Book Interview: Wiebe’s gourmet prose

By Katherine Fletcher

Award-winning Alberta author Rudy Wiebe would like to give you a gourmet feast instead of taking you to McDonald’s. No, this decent proposal isn’t the result of some “Win a Date with Rudy” contest but rather an analogy the award-winning Alberta author makes regarding his writing. “I want to give you a wide range of… Continue reading Book Interview: Wiebe’s gourmet prose

Book Review: A Complicated coming-of-age

By Katherine Fletcher

An integral element of any coming-of-age novel is the repressive situation against which the angst-ridden protagonist rebels. For Esther Greenwood in The Bell Jar it was societal pressures for her to be a proper woman. For J.D. Salinger’s Holden Caulfield it was pretty much everything. Nomi Nickel, the heroine in Miriam Toews’ celebrated novel A… Continue reading Book Review: A Complicated coming-of-age

Book Review: Grizzly sucks

By Kenzie Love

“A lot of books that get published suck.” These immortal words from Everybody Loves Raymond’s Robert Barone are a fitting analysis of Grizzly Lies, the second mystery novel by local author Eileen Coughlan. The novel is mediocre, but because there are so many other books like it the full impact of its pedestrian nature is… Continue reading Book Review: Grizzly sucks

Book Review: Doo dads galore

By Katherine Fletcher

With the advent of Internet auction sites like eBay in the mid-90s, many collectors have moved beyond garage sales, flea markets and auction houses in search of the perfect addition to their collections. Cyberspace eases the pursuit as collectibles of every conceivable sort from the other side of the world are far more accessible. Given… Continue reading Book Review: Doo dads galore

BOOK INTERVIEW: Alistair MacLeod’s Mischief

By Jesse Keith

Success in the literary world comes with great prestige, but the prizes and acclaim sought by writers are subject to ardent competition. A trip to the top of the literary ranks requires a lifetime of work and devotion. A story often cited is of Canadian author Margaret Atwood deciding at the age of ten or… Continue reading BOOK INTERVIEW: Alistair MacLeod’s Mischief