U of C faces 20% budget cut over next 4 years

By Chris Beauchamp

The University of Calgary Budget Committee is proposing another round of severe cuts and fund reallocations potentially affecting all departments, support staff and students at the U of C. The proposed Draft Budget Directive calls for five per cent of the university’s total yearly operating budget for each of the next four years to be… Continue reading U of C faces 20% budget cut over next 4 years

Student leaders fear cuts

By Dale Miller

With a proposed $60 to 80 million budget cut on the table for the University of Calgary, undergraduate and graduate students alike have reason for concern. “I think this will be very significant for students,” said Students’ Union Vice-President Academic Laura Schultz. “I think we’re going to see problems with labs, reduced course sections and… Continue reading Student leaders fear cuts

Uneven effects on departments feared

One day after it became widely circulated that the University of Calgary faces a cumulative four-year 20 per cent budget cut, it remains unknown how exactly each department will be affected. From the departments reached for comment Wed., Oct. 20, it is clear that not all areas of the university will be equally affected. Department… Continue reading Uneven effects on departments feared