Vive le film québécois

By Nicole Kobie

Who would’ve thought the consistently boring Genies-the Canadian version of the Academy Awards-would ever have a scandal? Not surprisingly, the scandal is silly, pointless and therefore involves Quebec politics. The controversy-if you can even call it that-centers on the Genies being not just the Canadian Oscars, but the English-Canadian Oscars. Some French-Canadian film folk feel… Continue reading Vive le film québécois

It’s dark and lonely in video land

By Stephanie Foster

My intention when I compiled this list was to pay some attention to great films that have been overlooked, misunderstood or forgotten altogether. The films on this list received critical praise and some even earned Oscar nominations, but there are no blockbusters in the bunch. At the video store they wait to be rented, dusty… Continue reading It’s dark and lonely in video land