By Alyssa Morrell

Their lyrics have matured and they’ve managed to tug just a bit harder on our heartstrings. The Anniversary’s sophomore full-length, Your Majesty, proves to be just as fun and even more bittersweet than their debut, Designing a Nervous Breakdown. They’ve shifted away from their synth-pop, Rentals-influenced sound to a slightly more guitar-driven album-with obvious exceptions… Continue reading anniversary

jordy birch

By Malwina Gudowska

"Give me a call down at the club: 669–6969," sings Jordy Birch, former lead singer of Vancouver band Pure. With lyrics like these, you know it’s going to be an interesting ride with Birch’s solo debut, Funmachine. Although probably not a contender for album of the year, you’ve got to give the guy some credit-his… Continue reading jordy birch