Everyone’s an expert

By Вen Li

It never fails to amaze me when laymen don’t ask or request but dictate that experts do their jobs in a specific way. Whether it’s a PHB (Pointy-Haired Boss or Philosophiae Baccalaureus) who thinks their degree in management also makes them an expert in computer network engineering, student politicians who think they understand multi-billion-dollar university… Continue reading Everyone’s an expert

The imposed “choice”

By Ruth Davenport

Let’s talk about no sex, baby.CNN recently posted a poll on its website, accompanying an article on the Vatican’s "new" predicament over the astounding rates of child molestation among Catholic priests. The poll asked if the Catholic Church should outlaw the requirement of celibacy among the priesthood. I, like the whopping majority of CNN readers,… Continue reading The imposed “choice”

Predicting apathy

By James Keller

Every year about this time, the Gauntlet holds a Students’ Union General Election pool. We don’t bet on the winners like you might think-president would be an easy guess. No, we’re betting on voter turnout. During the October by-election, a lucky Gauntleteer took home over forty big ones for an optimistic guess of 2.4 per… Continue reading Predicting apathy


By Lawrence Bailey

While there will be cries that the Gauntlet is unduly influencing the Students’ Union General Election, a fine example of true aborted democracy is on display in Zimbabwe.When laws outlawing anti-government media and campaigning by opposition parties are coupled with growing numbers of dead or beaten political opponents, it is painfully clear that no election… Continue reading Democracy?

Don’t trust numbers–or the media

By Nicole Kobie

Don’t believe everything you read, especially numbers.Using opinion polls, media outlets create stories and perspectives. Because they’re numbers, people tend to accept them as fact. However, it’s not only the accuracy of the statistics, but the way they’re presented and interpreted that can sway or reinforce beliefs. We must learn to interpret for ourselves.Consider, for… Continue reading Don’t trust numbers–or the media


By Вen Li

I don’t care that a drunk on some plane kicked down a cockpit door a week ago. Really. Giving "breaking news" coverage to every inconsequential airplane-related incident wastes not only my time, but that of everyone else who tuned in for real news that matters.The time has come to move beyond our collective obsession with… Continue reading Terrorphilia

The ATA’s error

While the massive January snowfalls have become less frequent recently, threats of strikes by the Alberta Teachers Association at the beginning of the year are starting to happen with a frightening consistency. Continuing this trend, over 90 per cent of the union’s members recently voted in support of strike action and, by all indications, a… Continue reading The ATA’s error