Administration and trust at the U of C

By Dr. Barry Cooper

Until recently professors were engaged in teaching and the search for truth about reality. Under the pressure of practical concerns and various political ideologies, most of which deny that either truth or reality mean anything, the old purposes seem quaintly archaic. In our practical city, where the most respectable families are but a generation or… Continue reading Administration and trust at the U of C

Nowhere to worship

By Amir Sharar

Prayer space has been an issue for campus Muslims for nearly a decade now. Muslim students have an obligatory religious requirement to pray five times a day, but also a duty to attend classes as university students. Currently, the University of Calgary has a “meditation room” on the third floor of the MacEwan Student Centre,… Continue reading Nowhere to worship

The rich man’s war

By Meraj Abedin

Reflective and rational people must be careful when talking of "terrorism." We must remember that the Nazis called partisan resistance fighters "terrorists." The British Empire used to call unruly and rebellious tribesmen "terrorists." The African National Congress and Nelson Mandela were also labelled "terrorists" by the Apartheid regime in South Africa.Contrary to popular fantasy, there… Continue reading The rich man’s war

Apologetic Geer

By Michael Rolica

I am going to vomit if I hear the Engineering Anthem in public one more time. Even though I am in Engineering and I enjoy it very much, I cringe every time I hear that chant. Many people wonder why there is a rivalry between most faculties and Engineering, Management in particular. I can understand… Continue reading Apologetic Geer

WTO woes

By Murray Birt

We lived off rice and lentils, slept in a canvas tent under the cold October sky, trekked many miles and fought the harsh climate of the Alberta Rockies. The cameras were constantly on us as we struggled to achieve the ultimate goal. One million dollars? Not even close. The goal was to better understand the… Continue reading WTO woes