Kyoto Lecture

By Nicole Kobie

The Kyoto debate continues this Thu., Dec. 5 with Dr. Lawrence Nkemdirim’s talk, “A Science Background to Kyoto: Global Warming and its Fingerprints in Western Canada.” The U of C professor of climatology and hydrology will present the results of his study on the connection between global warming and drought frequency in Western Canada.Sponsored by… Continue reading Kyoto Lecture

Kyoto protocol: Suzuki vs. Hyndman

By Stephane Massinon

In a CBC radio broadcasted forum, Dr. David Suzuki debated with Rick Hyndman from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers on the subject of the Kyoto Accord at the Red & White Club on Tue., Nov. 26. In front of a capacity crowd, the acclaimed environmentalist made his case for ratification while Mr. Hyndman, the… Continue reading Kyoto protocol: Suzuki vs. Hyndman

Kyoto: action wanted

By Eric Fung

Although people may differ in their opinions of the Kyoto Protocol, they agree that the time to take action on climate change is now.Allan Amey, President and CEO of Climate Change Central, delivered his talk “Canada and Alberta Climate Change Challenges” on Oct. 23 at the University of Calgary. C3, an Alberta private-public partnership, is… Continue reading Kyoto: action wanted