Caleixco erases borders with music

By Garth Paulson

Joey Burns is a modern day renaissance man. Not only does he front Calexico he has also spent time as a member of Giant Sand, Friends of Dean Martinez, and OP8. Aside from these projects he has also contributed to records by Richard Bunker, Jon Rauhouse, Victoria Williams, Shannon Wright and Canadian alt-country sweetheart Neko… Continue reading Caleixco erases borders with music

Ivana jazz

By Stephanie Schewchuk

Seldom is an artist as expressive, talented, and real as Ivana Santilli. Coinciding with her appearance at the TD Canada Trust Jazz Festival in Calgary, the Canadian with French and Italian roots will soon release her sophomore album, Corduroy Boogie. "I’ve learned a lot since it [Brown] was released," she says. "I’ve dug a lot… Continue reading Ivana jazz


By Garth Paulson

Most artists are lucky to manage only one work that’s considered important. For many, the artistic life is a continuous struggle to create something able to transcend time and place. Something which exists independently of trends and stylistic preferences. The majority of artists settle for a brief hiccup in the tapestry of humanity. Then there… Continue reading Me’Shell

¡Bomba! ready to blow up

By Jesse Keith

¡Bomba! may have formed in Edmonton, but its roots spread across the world, with members from Chile, Brazil, Cuba, and Edmonton, ¡Bomba! melds Latin and Canadian styles for a uniquely Albertan take on Latin music. Branching across salsa, songo, rumba, funk and jazz, ¡Bomba! throws a little bit of everything into the mix. Mario Allende,… Continue reading ¡Bomba! ready to blow up

Urban Divide brings you the funk you so sorely need

By Karoline Czerski

In Webster’s newest edition, you look under “newfunksoul” and find the following: a hodgepodge of old funk, James Brown style, added to Jamaroquai groove and topped with an Outkast beat. Something about an “Urban Divide” catches your eye, and you wonder what they are doing in the dictionary. Maybe they’ll be in the 2005 edition.Urban… Continue reading Urban Divide brings you the funk you so sorely need

Pilsner and the Rubber Duck

By Russ Dyck

“By the way, I prefer to be referred to as the Rubber Duck.”"That’s from Convoy, right?""Dude, you’re like the first fuckin’ guy that has ever, ever nailed that."So, my small town background is good for something and came in handy interviewing another small towner.Rubber Duck, along with Waylon Nelson, Gordon Leadfoot and Luther Chickengravy, make… Continue reading Pilsner and the Rubber Duck

Just admit it, you like disco

By Peter Hemminger

Debate it all you want when you’re sober, but when you’re drunk everyone loves disco. There’s something about the four-on-the-floor beat, the wah-wahs and falsettos, that just drive a crowd into frenzy. How else do you explain the continuing popularity of “YMCA” and “Staying Alive” at nightclubs across the country, nay, the world? So just… Continue reading Just admit it, you like disco

From the Spring Fling…

By Karoline Czerski

Canadian rock,’ concludes SuperEgo lead vocalist Dylan Hanley. “We usually call ourselves Canadian rock–it’s mainstream, but you don’t want to say that.” After pondering the music scene and SuperEgo’s formation and growth, Hanley, a fourth-year University of Calgary Political Science major, finally decides Canadian rock is the most fitting description. "We’re getting a lot harder,… Continue reading From the Spring Fling…

…to places beyond campus

By Jesse Keith

Have you ever been pigeon-holed? Has anyone ever tried to make you stand in shoes that weren’t yours? Have you ever tried to make yourself something you’re not? Well, in a recent interview with the Gauntlet, Shuyler Jansen, vocalist and guitar player for the veteran Alberta band Old Reliable, refused to wear the hat I… Continue reading …to places beyond campus