Communist leader talks economics in Calgary

By Jon Roe

Blame for the current economic crisis has been leveled at both the financial institutions who lent money to underqualified borrowers and people who accepted and sought those loans in the first place. Communist Party of Canada leader Miguel Figueroa believes that the crisis is in no way the fault of the working class. “We didn’t… Continue reading Communist leader talks economics in Calgary

Liberals revamp community communication

By Noah Miller

The new leader of the Alberta Liberals and a former Edmonton Member of Legislative Assembly have teamed up to revamp the Liberal party and attract voters. After nearly four decades of a Progressive Conservative majority, Dr. David Swann set up a Renewal Committee to write the terms of reference for a thorough renewal process. Swann… Continue reading Liberals revamp community communication

Alberta Liberal race holds friendly debate

By Roman Auriti

Camaraderie runs deep in the Alberta Liberal Party’s caucus. Unlike most brothers, there is a certain political trio that doesn’t fight. The Alberta Liberals held a forum in the John Dutton Theatre in downtown Calgary’s library last Friday to answer questions about the leadership race and how the Liberals would change Alberta’s government if they… Continue reading Alberta Liberal race holds friendly debate

Martin and the West

By Joshua Johnson

Heavy coats and snow-draped boots filled the lobby of the Jack Singer Concert Hall Wed., Nov. 9 as people poured in from the bitter cold. “He brought the snowstorm,” explained business lawyer and Liberal activist Ian Schofield with a wry smile. “Paul Martin’s very concerned about our tourism industry.” That may have been a rare… Continue reading Martin and the West

John Manley consults with U of C students

By Stephen Kunn

Honourable John Manley, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, consulted U of C students about the future budget on Wed., Nov. 13, 2002.“Canada is one of the countries that actually makes the world work,” said Manley. “I think we can be a Northern Tiger. Canada is in a position to be a magnet for talent… Continue reading John Manley consults with U of C students