Helicopters, Vietnam, pigeons and campus security

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

It was by way of helicopter that Lanny Fritz got to where he is today. The current campus security director obtained his private pilots licence while completing high school at Saint Mary’s in the late ’60s and was interested in pursuing a career as a helicopter pilot. There were a number of good helicopter flying… Continue reading Helicopters, Vietnam, pigeons and campus security

Chemistry department under new lead

By Daniel Pagan

Despite his modest appearance, Dr. Peter Kusalik has a dark secret: he desires to be a mad scientist from a horror movie. Instead, he’ll have to settle for being the new University of Calgary chemistry department head. Kusalik grew up on a farm near Taber and graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a bachelor… Continue reading Chemistry department under new lead

Genocide trial a small step in the right direction

By Daniel Pagan

After five years, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda sentenced Rwandan army commander and cabinet minister Theoneste Bagosora to life in prison for his role in the Rwandan genocide. The case was declared a legal victory for people hoping to prevent atrocities with legal prosecution. However, University of Calgary professor Dr. Maureen Hibert warned there… Continue reading Genocide trial a small step in the right direction

80-year-old PhD recipient writes another book

By Morgan Haigler

The idea to become the first PhD recipient in the department of communication and culture had never occurred to Verna Reid, who was enjoying her retirement party with good family and friends at age 69. For a woman who passionately devoted her career to the literature and visual arts for more than 35 years, it… Continue reading 80-year-old PhD recipient writes another book

Alumnus named chief prosecutor

By Christina Lam

A University of Calgary alumnus is taking on Calgary’s criminals. Lloyd Robertson replaced outgoing veteran crown criminal prosecutor Gordon Wong on Nov. 3 to become Calgary’s interim chief Crown prosecutor. In his new position, Robertson will lead a team of 85 lawyers as they tackle the greatest challenges facing Calgary’s justice system. “There’s really been… Continue reading Alumnus named chief prosecutor

Read me, no really

By Katherine Zelt

It was during a 1998 trekking trip in the Himalayas that John Wood, founder and CEO of Room to Read, decided to leave his job as an executive at Microsoft and dedicate his life to his now globally recognized organization that strives to help provide impoverished children with an education.Room to Read is a non-governmental… Continue reading Read me, no really

Profile: Get your granny blasted with Elliott

By Kristin McVeigh

At first glance, with his half-hearted explosion of red hair and gawky glasses, Canadian comic Lorne Elliot doesn’t seem to share too many similarities with legendary musician Bob Marley–one does stand up comedy with a ukulele and the other brought reggae music to the mainstream. Still, the two artists share a certain perspective regarding audiences… Continue reading Profile: Get your granny blasted with Elliott

Goose with golden eggs

By Todd Penney

The great number eight; a line that will follow one Dinos football player in particular as he finishes his tenure at the University of Calgary and his career as a Dinos varsity football player. He plays with talent, desire and heart every time he steps onto the turf, and he makes heads turn, laying bodies… Continue reading Goose with golden eggs

Chad Murray dives into our hearts

By Karoline Czerski

Think swimming. Dinos varsity swim team member Chad Murray does. A native of Lethbridge, Murray is currently clocking his 15th year in the pool, his third season with the University of Calgary, and his first year at the National Training Centre. To date, this 21 year old has enjoyed half a lifetime of swimming successes.… Continue reading Chad Murray dives into our hearts

It’s Charlotte’s world

By Kris Kotarski

Our interview was set for Thursday 4 p.m. On Wednesday, at roughly 6 p.m., Charlotte Sullivan suffered her first concussion.“If I act stupid right now, it’s the concussion,” said Sullivan with a big grin. She then proceeded to curse herself, teammate Jessica Horning’s knee, the doctor who did not clear her to play, the numerical… Continue reading It’s Charlotte’s world