Violence prevention programs evaluated

By Вen Li

Many organizations have ideas about how to prevent violence against girls and young women, but what happens when there is too much information? One University of Calgary professor and researcher, Dr. Lesie Tutty, hopes that a new manual will help schools decide which violence prevention programs are best for their students.“This manual presents our research… Continue reading Violence prevention programs evaluated

The Riel mystery

By Kevin Rothbauer

Few figures in Canadian history have captured the attention of historians, politicians and the general public the way Louis Riel has. Despite all the research done about the Metis leader, there is a period in his life that remains a mystery. Between the rebellions of 1869-70 and 1885, Riel disappeared. A diary discovered by a… Continue reading The Riel mystery

Condom maker knows sex

By Kevin Rothbauer

According to a survey by Durex Canada, Canadians are having sex.The condom manufacturer recently surveyed Canadians between the ages of 18 and 29, looking for information about their sexual habits. Not shockingly, they found that curiosity, not love, is the most prominent reason for first sexual encounters.Thirty-seven per cent of respondents cited curiosity as the… Continue reading Condom maker knows sex

$3 million Tumor Research Chair

By Вen Li

Researchers, doctors, patients and students will benefit from a new $3 million Brain Tumor Research Chair. Dr. Gregory Cairncross, Department Head of Clinical Neurosciences and a professor at the University of Calgary, was announced as the first recipient on Tue., Nov. 5. “We’re going to build a brain tumor research centre for the twenty-first century,”… Continue reading $3 million Tumor Research Chair

Nursing student researches pain

By Andrea Bundon

It started after watching her mother-in-law suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and it’s now a major study here at the University of Calgary.Elizabeth Graveline is a third-year student in the Faculty of Nursing and the recipient of a Markin-Flanagan Studentship. Currently, she is the research assistant for a chronic pain study at the University of Calgary.“We… Continue reading Nursing student researches pain

Let there be light

By Patrick Boyle

Imagine it is the last night before the final exam in the course you have been ignoring since the beginning of the semester. Your last hope is to spend the night reviewing your notes, reading the textbook and going over previous exams. Imagine the feeling of stress that washes over you when you realize the… Continue reading Let there be light

When research meets beer

By Jennifer Ludbrook

After many years of excessive beer drinking, U of C students may be looking to replace their over-imbibed Canadian and Corona with something new and unique. Dr. Lidio Valdez, adjunct professor of Archaeology at the University of Alberta, suggested Wednesday at a Department of Anthropology colloquium, that chicha may be the answer to North American… Continue reading When research meets beer

Research centres

By Eric Fung

Two researchers from the University of Calgary will be investigating complex sugars and their interactions thanks to an Albertan award. Alberta Ingenuity–an organization funding research in science and engineering–established two research centres at the University of Alberta with initial funding of $1.2 million each. In the next five years, they may receive up to $7… Continue reading Research centres