Residence fees to increase up to 4.6%

By Rhiannon Kirkland

There are certain inevitabilities in student life. Fees will rise, there will always be more tests than time and there is always a bake sale in Science Theatres. Unfortunately for residence dwellers, it’s the first of these eventualities as residence fees are increasing. “We heard from the Residence Students’ Association that it’s going to be… Continue reading Residence fees to increase up to 4.6%

Recycling hits the dumps

By Claire Fenton

One residence dweller has taken an activist role, armed only with a camera and the desire to recycle. His photographic evidence of residence recycling in garbage bins raised the question of recycling as a profit industry rather than being environmentally fueled. Second-year Centre for Military Strategic Studies master’s student Joseph Zeller looked outside his window… Continue reading Recycling hits the dumps

Returning to Rez changing

By Chris Tait

Council Chambers were packed with anxious students at the Residence Students’ Association’s bi-weekly meeting Wed., Jan. 21. The turnout was larger than usual due to the anticipated major changes for students returning to residence next year. The new Residence Director Jim Dunsdon created the new program; he spearheaded a similar program at the University of… Continue reading Returning to Rez changing