Early morning splashing

By Jon Roe

Have you ever thought to yourself that the best time to be out on the Glenmore Resevoir is 5 a.m.? You might be crazy. Or you might be a member of the University of Calgary rowing club. “It’s hard,” says club member Christine Sharp. “It’s very hard. Especially when it’s pitch black. [But] the fact… Continue reading Early morning splashing

Rowling out the red carpet

By Carly McKay

Rowing on the West Coast is ordinarily dominated by the powerhouse University of British Columbia Thunderbirds and University of Victoria Vikes teams. This year’s versions of the Head of the Gorge and Head of the Elk regattas Oct. 29–30, were no different. That said, the Dinos rowing crew celebrated some milestone achievements over the weekend.… Continue reading Rowling out the red carpet

A reservoir row-off… only in the prairies

By Arcot Ramathorn

The Dinos rowing crew took to the Glenmore Reservoir as hosts of this season’s edition of the Prairie University Championship Sat., Oct. 15. Held in conjunction with the annual Head of the Weasel race, the Prairie Champs saw athletes from the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary go head-to-head for land-locked water supremacy… Continue reading A reservoir row-off… only in the prairies