David Suzuki

By Еvan Osentоn

Variety proved successful for David Suzuki as he and a eclectic group of entertainers took the stage Tuesday evening at the Jack Singer Concert Hall, performing to a sold out crowd of anyone from middle-aged businessmen in suits to teenaged hippies.In his tour of six Canadian cities, the famed environmentalist was promoting his organization’s latest… Continue reading David Suzuki

Iran not an evil force

By Kevin Rothbauer

Iran is neither a Heaven on Earth nor part of President Bush’s “Axis of Evil,” according to Philip MacKinnon, Canada’s ambassador to the Islamic Republic. The ambassador spoke at the University of Calgary’s Rozsa Centre last week.“Iran is a blessed country in many ways,” said MacKinnon, noting Iran’s lack of external threats, appreciation for its… Continue reading Iran not an evil force

Media evolved, audience subjectified

By Roger Hollands

Last Thu. Oct. 24, John Stackhouse, Globe and Mail foreign editor, spoke at the U of C on the relationship between the public’s disengagement from issues of foreign development and the evolution of media agencies into institutions which rely upon the subjectification of their audience for survival. “The post-modern media sees the world through a… Continue reading Media evolved, audience subjectified

Racist multiculturalism

By Patrick Boyle

Diversity. Cultural imperialism. Multiculturalism. These are terms we all know and love to throw around, but what do they really mean? In recent years, Western nations have embraced the idea of multiculturalism, which purports that distinct ethnic groups contribute to the diverse mosaics that make up our societies. Many world leaders see this concept as… Continue reading Racist multiculturalism