U of C needs to look at environment

“There are not enough great things in our society because there are too many good things,” said President Harvey Weingarten to the Nov. 2002 graduates. Referring to society in general, but higher education specifically, Dr. Weingarten is working to make the University of Calgary a great university. That is to be applauded. However, one area… Continue reading U of C needs to look at environment

Rethinking the Kyoto Accord

>”We’re Albertans… of course we care about the environment.” Or so goes Alberta’s Kyoto advertising campaign. So what is it all about? Are economics and ecology forever doomed to be at loggerheads? This PIRG column aims to “percolate” ideas about social justice and the environment into the campus community. While some might think that makes… Continue reading Rethinking the Kyoto Accord