Remember Wilson Phillips?

By Fifi Enyi

Bijou Phillips started out her career as a model. Unlike most models however, she did not turn to acting, the creative outlet that is common-place among the vast majority. Instead Phillips decided to do something better-she became a singer.To most people this would appear a difficult and at best, a challenging career transition.But, in a… Continue reading Remember Wilson Phillips?

Oh Yeah!

By Cheri Hanson

Bad teeth, bad hair, bad clothes. Despite these faults, the new Austin Powers cd still has it. Providing a grand backdrop to the movie, The Spy Who Shagged Me’s strength lies in diversity of artists and songs. The list ranges from classics like The Who’s “My Generation (Live from the BBC)” to redone classics like… Continue reading Oh Yeah!

Boogaloo to this

By Kevin Rothbauer

I can remember, precisely, the four times prior to picking up this cd, that I was fortunate enough to hear The Reverend’s music. 1. Remember Mix 1060? They had an evening program with some dumb name like The Edge on which they played music by up-and-coming artists. The Reverend was/is on Sub Pop records. How… Continue reading Boogaloo to this

Down wit’ da dog

By Fifi Enyi

Drugs, sex, money, guns, and profanity is what you would expect from your typical rap cd. Well, Snoop Dogg does not deviate from the norm. What distinguishes this cd from others of its genre is that executive producer, Master P, combines his own musical finesse with that of Snoops’ to yield a more enjoyable and… Continue reading Down wit’ da dog