The Pack A.D.

By Connor Sadler

Vancouver duo Maya Miller and Becky Black, better known as The Pack A.D. have released their fifth album, Do Not Engage. Miller and Black have put quite a new feeling into their latest album, combining rock and indie styles of music into something entirely energetic and, coincidentally, engaging. Black and Miller’s style of music has… Continue reading The Pack A.D.

Spun: Elaquent

By Katarina Atherholt

Out of Guelph, Ontario comes a new EP from hip-hop artist Elaquent. Green Apples and Oranges combines a multitude of different sounds to make eight amazingly diverse instrumental hip-hop tracks. Elaquent kicks off the album with “Alone At Last” which brings us right into his studio, inviting us to take off our jackets, have a… Continue reading Spun: Elaquent

Spun: Load

By Felix Mayer

The small but diverse Manitoban band Load brings years of work to fruition in their latest album It’s True. The album draws on the band’s multiple backgrounds to create a unique sound, which constantly evolves from track to track. When combined with the experience the band has gained over more than a decade of collaboration,… Continue reading Spun: Load

Spun: Against Me!

By Curtis Wolff

The past few years have been a tumultuous ride for Florida punk band Against Me. The departure of two band members and difficulties finding a label would be enough of a challenge for most groups, but the biggest newsmaker has been frontwoman Laura Jane Grace’s decision to publicly come out as transgender — launching herself… Continue reading Spun: Against Me!

Spun: Ken Stead

By Connor Sadler

Edmonton-based singer songwriter Ken Stead’s debut album titled Unfinished sounds as though it’s anything but. Each song creates a reflective and relaxing mood for the listener — with soft vocals and complex acoustic instrumentals. Each song tells a story from his five years of making music, presented with hope and persistence. The contemporary folk-style music… Continue reading Spun: Ken Stead

Spun: Greg Rekus

By Josh Rose

Punk music and acoustic guitar has never been a good combination in my mind but Greg Rekus’s latest album Punkoustic has proven otherwise. The Winnipeg-born singer’s music manages to bring together the two genres into a sound that has the fast, hard vocals of punk and the full, rich sound of acoustic instruments, which appeals… Continue reading Spun: Greg Rekus

Spun: Swamp Thing

By Alexandra Mueller

After settling down to listen to a nice heavy metal album — the cover featured a barely clothed pin-up girl with a pentagram belt, wrangling three leashed hellhounds before a mountain of skulls and guitars — I was shocked to find that nothing even remotely like that was coming out of my speakers. Swamp Thing’s… Continue reading Spun: Swamp Thing

Spun: CC Trubiak

By Connor Sadler

CC Trubiak has banded together with a small mob of friends, musicians and muses to create his latest album, fittingly titled Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions. Trubiak’s music is quite personal with each song telling a story, yet the instrumentals stay energetic with some folk elements mixed in and his piercing tenor voice takes… Continue reading Spun: CC Trubiak

Spun: Dog Day

By Connor Sadler

Dog Day’s latest album is titled Fade Out, but the group’s surreal classic rock is not likely to fade from memory anytime soon. The group from Halifax was started by Seth Smith and his wife Nancy Urich almost 10 years ago and they have been creating their unique mix of rock-influenced guitar, dreamy surreal bass… Continue reading Spun: Dog Day