Report Card: Swimming

By Emily Senger

Talent The swimmers have long been some of the University of Calgary’s top-performing athletes. This year, Chad Hankewich landed the gold in the 100-metre freestyle as well as three silver medals at nationals and was runner up for U of C Male Athlete of the Year. Katelyn Murdoch was named Canadian Interuniversity Sport Swimming Rookie… Continue reading Report Card: Swimming

Underwater farting pushes UBC past Dinos

By Sean Nyilassy

The Canadian Interuniversity Sport Swimming Championship held at Universite Laval Feb. 24-26 mirrored the Canada West Championship that took place a month earlier. Since no word exists to describe the domination that took place, I’ll make one up: the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds thromplasted the competition. The Dinos were a solid second behind their… Continue reading Underwater farting pushes UBC past Dinos

Not just splashin’ around

By Sean Nyilassy

The Dinos swim team was drenched by a perfectly executed University of British Columbia Thunderbirds cannonball at the 2006 Canada West Swimming Championship Jan. 27-29. While the T-Birds dominated like the only able-eared kid in a deaf kids’ game of Marco Polo, the Dinos were certainly second.The UBC men were a tsunami hitting the third-world.… Continue reading Not just splashin’ around

Dinos go swimming in Lake… head

By John Leung Chung-Yin

The Dinos wrestling team went, saw, and almost conquered Thunder Bay as they entered Lakehead University’s National Dual Meets Sat., Dec. 3. The men placed a strong second while the women finished fourth in an extremely talented and difficult field.The men competed in a tough five-team field that included the defending Canadian Interuniversity Sport champion… Continue reading Dinos go swimming in Lake… head

Breaststrokers are the best strokers

By Emily Senger

Enter the basement of kinesiology. It’s a land populated by windowless concrete weight rooms, a sunless land where Dinos roam, their muscles rippling under form-hugging spandex as they lift rep upon rep to the tune of banging weights and loud rock music. This is an underground land few non-varsity university students will enter in their… Continue reading Breaststrokers are the best strokers

Drowning in a pool of their goodbye tears

By Karoline Czerski

Emma Spooner was almost overlooked in the fifth-year profile hunt, and rightly so–she is graduating after four years, an almost unheard of feat for athletes, not to mention the Gauntleteers who cover them. With an English Honours degree under her belt, Emma hopes to continue swimming beyond the familiar depths of the U of C… Continue reading Drowning in a pool of their goodbye tears


By Andrew Ross

Talent These athletes have shown resilience and results through intense training. Rookies that deserve an honourable mention here are William Durban, Morgan Engi and Kimberly Hersch, who all made CIS National Championships alongside a steady bunch of senior stars. Coaching The swim team boasts a prestigious Coach of the Year award from the CIS Championships.… Continue reading Swimming

Swimmers second

By Karoline Czerski

The Canada West swimming championships in Victoria, B.C. Jan. 23-25, ended with a small defeat for the Dinos swim team. They lost this battle to, yes, the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds, falling 80 points short of their arch rivals. The battle was minor, but not without many great individual Dino performances. Chad Murray scooped… Continue reading Swimmers second

Swimming Dinos are number two

By Karoline Czerski

Canada’s top swimmers gathered in Quebec City Nov. 27-30 for the Canada Open and Short Course Swim Nationals. Shaved and tapered, the University of Calgary Dinos notched several top-eight finishes: • Kristy Cameron – 8th 200m IM • Dena Durand – 5th 400m IM • Erin Gammel – 2nd 50m backstoke, 2nd 100m backstroke •… Continue reading Swimming Dinos are number two

Swimmers get fast, stay tough

By Karoline Czerski

“In an Olympic year, you need to start doing abnormal things–you have to swim abnormally fast,” stated Dinos swimming Head Coach Mike Blondal.The Nov. 7-9 Cascade Speed Meet results justify the rhetoric. The high-calibre club competition saw the University of Calgary Dinos race fast, only a week after a tiring College’s Cup meet in Vancouver.… Continue reading Swimmers get fast, stay tough