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September 30, 2004
  Some bumps along the wayPDF files may take a moment to load

Had the girls of the Dinos Field Hockey team spent Friday and Saturday night getting drunk at the Den as I did, their regular season record would not be any different. Their first Canada West tournament was played Sept. 24-26 in Vancouver, BC. Albeit no wins were to be had, the ladies did learn some lessons.

But we'll have plenty of time to get to those after we review the tragic losses.


October 23, 2003
  Raining raining, on the hockey pitch...PDF files may take a moment to load

At a tournament where the official weather report was for rain, monsoon rain, and rain of biblical proportions, it's a wonder they played at all.

The third Canada West field hockey tournament took place at the University of British Columbia Oct. 17-19. The Dinos won half their games, which put them, once again, in third place. This third-place finish means that the Dinos will not be going to Nationals, as only the top two Canada West teams are invited.


September 18, 2003
  New field still a dreamPDF files may take a moment to load

It's a new school year, and the Dinos field hockey team is ready for a great season.

"We have good experience on the team," said Assistant Coach Josette Babineau, "including good goaltending and an all around well-balanced team."

Head Coach Anne Kromm echoes her assistant's comments.

"Our team is within the top three in Canada," she said.

There is also new blood on the team this year as three rookies have been added to the line-up, including the impressive Teryn Buna.


February 13, 2003
  Still swingingPDF files may take a moment to load

This past weekend saw some major excitement in the Red Gym as the Dinos played host to their annual tournament.

And with all the advantages of playing in their own gym, the Dinos came out on top, stomping U of A 5-2 in the finals, with Kelsey Barrie being named tournament MVP.

"We dominated the tournament" said Natalie Peterson. "These indoor tournaments help keep up your skills."


October 24, 2002
  Dinos put their sticks in the closetPDF files may take a moment to load

Field hockey Head Coach Carl Dalton has a lot to be proud of. 

"This year was one of our best seasons ever," states fifth-year veteran Ashley Raeburn, "O.K.--it was definitely the best we've had in the last six years." 

The Dinos field hockey team just returned from the final Canada West tournament in Vancouver, touting a 2-2-0 record, and ranked fifth in all of Canada. 

"The Canada West division didn't receive the wild card this year," bemoans Raeburn, "Otherwise we'd definitely be at nationals."


October 10, 2002
  Uncertain future...PDF files may take a moment to load

If Superman were a Dino then the West Coast would be kryptonite.

Any superhero needs an arch nemesis; someone cunning and evil with some sort of super power. Unfortunately for Calgary, their nemesis is the West Coast which has neither of these qualities, just some unknown power that weakens our Dinos like kryptonite on Superman.


September 26, 2002
  Dinos fight to a new highPDF files may take a moment to load

Last weekend the Dinos field hockey team made their way to Edmonton, to battle it out in their first tournament of the year. The Dinos entered as an underdog but came out with their heads high and a 2-1-1 record.

The Dinos now find themselves second in the conference.


September 05, 2002
  Field hockey’s future?PDF files may take a moment to load

The Dinos field hockey team has cause to be excited about this coming season,

"This is our year," trumps fifth-year player and team co-captain, Ashley Raeburn.



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