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September 23, 1999
  Dinos open eyes to 'HornsPDF files may take a moment to load

Exhibition games are like kissing your sister; you don't really lose anything, but you can't really brag about scoring either.

Featuring the Dinos, the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns, the SAIT Trojans and the Mount Royal College Cougars, last week's 1999 SAIT Eye Opener Tournament provided a handful of fans a preview of what promises to be an exciting year for the men's side.

September 23, 1999
  Soccersaurs win openerPDF files may take a moment to load

Last year may have ended with a national championship, but it started out poorly for the Dinos women's soccer team.

You may remember that the Dinos lost the first three games of the 1998 season on their way to a 4-6 season. This year, after one game, at least, they're off to a better beginning.

Last Sunday, the Dinos opened their season at home against the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns. Although play was inconsistent, the Dinos made off with a 2-0 victory.

September 23, 1999
  Huskies slip past the DinosPDF files may take a moment to load

Coming off a savage beating by the University of Manitoba Bisons, the University of Calgary Dinos were eagerly looking for a win. The opportunity to drink from the cup of victory was evasive though as the University of Saskatchewan Huskies took a bite out of the Dinos.

September 23, 1999
  Careers Day invades Jack SimpsonPDF files may take a moment to load

Students were given a chance to face their futures this past Monday as the annual Careers Day was held at the University of Calgary.

Hosted by AIESEC, an international student organization
focusing on student exchange, Careers Day gave students the opportunity to meet with a range of company representatives.

"It's basically a large job fair," said Careers Day Organizing Committee President Fonda Lee. "Companies set up booths for students to peruse the possibilities they have in the job market."

September 23, 1999
  So, crammin' not werkin' fer ya?PDF files may take a moment to load

Everyone in university is looking to learn information and retain it more easily. Graduate student Gail Kopp is working on research to do just that.

"What I'm doing in this study is taking a very small subset of strategies for layering instruction and seeing if they can be applied to the general adult learning communities, especially post-secondary," said Kopp.

September 23, 1999
  U of C student Prime finalistPDF files may take a moment to load

A University of Calgary student is one of ten finalists in the Magna of Canada "As Prime Minister" essay contest.

On Nov., 25, U of C business student and self-proclaimed starving student Pierre Poilievre will go to Ottawa to attend the final awards gala. As a finalist he receives $10,000 and a summer internship at Magna, based in Toronto, worth $12,000.

"It was like winning the lottery," commented Poilievre. "I'm ecstatic, as you can imagine any starving student would be."

September 23, 1999
  Chilean students pay U of C a visitPDF files may take a moment to load

Surfing the waves of globalization, the University of Calgary hosted students from the University of Chile in Santiago on campus last week. Part of an exchange program run by the Faculty of Management, it was an exercise in social and cultural awareness, and above all, international business.

Developed four years ago as an agreement between Chilean and Canadian universities, the program is similar to the Mexican Consortia and reflects continued interest in promoting the North American Free Trade Agreement.

September 23, 1999
  U of C researchers find genetic link to dyslexiaPDF files may take a moment to load

Researchers from the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine have discovered a genetic link between dyslexic children and their parents.

U of C Pediatrics Professor and Head of the Behavioural Research Unit at the Alberta Children's Hospital Dr. Bonnie Kaplan was happy with the results.

"Parents want to know early on if their children are dyslexic," she said. "These findings will certainly help us to treat and work with dyslexic children."

September 23, 1999
  Poli Sci students host conferencePDF files may take a moment to load

University of Calgary grad students have organized a conference this weekend with an international flair. The conference, called Globalization 2000: Convergence or Divergence will examine the effects and true meaning of this common topic.

"The topic of globalization is an important topic," said Mebs Kanji, one of the event coordinators. "Globalization is a buzz-word that is often used in everyday discussions, but it's not often where two people use the word and mean the same thing."

September 23, 1999
  Access... Okay'dPDF files may take a moment to load

Think of it as a small CAUS for celebration. Alberta Learning Minister Lyle Oberg has agreed to work with the Council of Alberta University Students to formulate a study about financial accessibility to post-secondary education in Alberta.

"We hope this will be a comprehensive study into who is falling through the cracks in the system, whether it's because they haven't received any bursaries or scholarships, or simply can't afford to attend post-secondary education," said CAUS member and University


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