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March 23, 2000
  Henry James examines madnessPDF files may take a moment to load

When your nightly routine includes madly screaming into your pillow, you might need a friend to confide in. Don't tell your Mom though, she'll send you away. Just go see the Pleiades Theatre's newest production, The Turn of The Screw, and you'll meet a fellow inhabitant of I-think-I-might-be-crazy land.

March 23, 2000
  Impish Rock StarPDF files may take a moment to load

The Canadian music scene may not always be exciting, but Toronto's j. englishman is excited to be part of it. Currently touring with Edwin as part of the Screaming Kings Tour, englishman's first CD, Poor Li'l Rock Star, was released nation wide this week.

"I think I'm going to go to HMV and stand by the racks saying 'Look, look, it's me!'" Englishman says enthusiastically.

March 23, 2000
  Modern CalgaryPDF files may take a moment to load

Step out of the everyday world and into the mini-metropolis of the Calgary Modern exhibit. Now showing at the Nickle Art Museum, the exhibit chronicles the design and architecture of the International Modern movement, and how it impacted Calgary from 1947-67.

March 23, 2000
  Country's newest poster girl slides into townPDF files may take a moment to load

Something weird is happening to country music. No, new country hasn't gone techno. Instead, country music has some unusual new members--punk rockers.

One such member is Chicago's Neko Case. Formerly of the Vancouver punk act Maow, Case's country influences came full circle with her solo album, 1997s The Virginian Playing traditional country and rockabilly, Case and back-up musicians aka Boyfriends make a case for dead honest country. They also prove country and punk aren't so far apart.

March 23, 2000
  Classic tales revisitedPDF files may take a moment to load

Things rarely turn out as planned. The Sky is Falling: Fables for the New Millenium, a new All Nations Theatre play, examines similar obstacles in fable form. Off-stage as well, the play turned out differently than it first began.

Five years ago, playwright Andrea Munro decided to write down fictitious conversations she could have with characters from stories and fables she remembered from her childhood. It was later suggested to her, by director Natasha Nadir, she should write in play format.

March 23, 2000
  A little bit of Winnepeg positivityPDF files may take a moment to load

Seven tour vehicles in seven years. Two European tours, opening spot on the Misfits tour, and potential Japan and Australia tours.

After this, Winnipeg's Guy Smiley doesn't have a lot to complain about. They've paid their dues like any other independent band and are finally starting to reap the rewards.

"We always like to play in smaller places," shares vocalist Derek Kun.

After years traversing the winding roads of the all-ages circuit, Guy Smiley are now veering onto international freeways.

March 23, 2000
  History of Wild TheatrePDF files may take a moment to load

One Yellow Rabbit theatre company is on safari; they've been hunting wild theatre and want to show you the fruits of their labour with their newest production, The History of Wild Theatre. Acting as a theatrical documentary, Wild Theatre chronicles the history of performance theatre.

Directed by Blake Brooker the production is unique for the Rabbit, featuring two visiting actors, Anne-Marie Timoney and John Macaulay from the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland, as well as three Calgary actors new to the ensemble.

March 23, 2000
  Same-sex marriage to be outlawed in AlbertaPDF files may take a moment to load

A isregarding recent Supreme Court rulings, the Alberta Legislature recently amended the Marriage Act to forbid the marriage of same-sex couples.

The Marriage Amendment Act, which passed third reading March 15, was brought to the legislature by Red Deer South MLA Victor Doerkson.

The Bill, number 202, alters the definition of marriage within the Marriage Act.

March 23, 2000
  SU to bus students to EdmontonPDF files may take a moment to load

Although the school year isn't over yet, the Students' Union wants to take a road trip. On Thurs., April 6, the SU will charter a bus to Edmonton to protest the Alberta Government's stance on post-secondary education funding.

"This year we decided the focus wouldn't be on the Board of Governors," said SU Vice-president Operations and Finance Amanda Affonso. "Our goal is to lobby the government to show that students care about their education."

March 23, 2000
  University students sucked dryPDF files may take a moment to load

You may not get paid, but at least you can feel good and get some snacks afterwards.

The Canadian Blood Services held their quadrennial blood drive at the University of Calgary Tuesday and Wednesday, and students had the chance to help not only Calgary's blood supply, but other, larger municipalities as well.

The flow of donors to the Mac-Ewan Hall Ballroom was constant, according to CBS Calgary.


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