Freezes only work with funding from the government

By Roxanne Shepherd

Editors, the Gauntlet,

It was interesting to read your article regarding your high tuition costs. Our tuition costs have been frozen, and therefore so has the funding our institutions receive. I am attending UCC in Kamloops. They now have large waiting lists for a lot of their classes. English 110, which is a core English course for BA students, has almost 200 students on wait list. Due to lack of funding, they are not able to open up any more sections. These students may now have to spend an extra semester completing their degrees.

Our Member of Parliament for the Kamloops, Thompson & Highland Valleys, Nelson A. Riis, is proposing tuition-free post-secondary education. I think this is a great idea! However, our institutions must receive funding from our government that increases with the cost of living in order to provide the same quality of education.


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