Supreme Beings of Leisure — Self-titled

Electronica is still finding itself. Unlike rock or jazz, which have relegated its members to certain styles within the genre, electronica still has blurred lines of discovery surrounding it. Musicians are not made to produce only slow grooves or fast dance beats.

Supreme Beings of Leisure have produced a solid album that delivers a track from every imaginable style within electronica. They are not self-conscious, though they tend to borrow from some more recent groups. Listeners will find funk, pop, and soul which are all very radio-friendly. This means that, though the album is good, it does not challenge the listener. Instead, it sounds like a hybrid of Portishead and Mono, both of whom drew heavily on Stan Getz and his jazz of the ’60s.

The CD is not life changing, but it is good. You will be disappointed if you are seriously into electronica, but it could serve as a fairly reliable introduction into the genre.