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Are you a boozehag?

By Dave Granger

All right, budding alcoholics. It’s time for another interactive test, courtesy of Academic Probation. Simply track your answers to the following questions, tally ’em up and our standardized chart will determine your predisposition to hitting the bottle over and over again. So take those pens outta yer ears, dust ’em off and get circling! 1.… Continue reading Are you a boozehag?

Learning Minister addresses U of C Senate

By Robert Granger

Tuition is not the problem… student debt is the problem." These were the words of Alberta Minister of Learning Lyle Oberg at the Jan. 26 University of Calgary Senate meeting. Held in MacEwan Student Centre, the student debt issue was a recurring theme throughout the minister’s speech and subsequent question period. What distinguished this Senate… Continue reading Learning Minister addresses U of C Senate