Love Stinks

By David Kenney

Alix D’Archangelo isn’t really bitter. Feb. 14 looms and the fashion-savvy Students’ Union Vice-president Events is single but she’s decidedly relaxed on her lack of a caveman, er, boyfriend.

"I’m not bitter about being single, just bitter in general," laughs D’Archangelo.

For the third year in a row, the bitter and unaffected have a temporary safe haven from the crazy little thing called love.

On Sat., Feb. 10, anti-Valentine’s Day event The Bitter Ball returns to the MacEwan Hall Ballroom. This year’s edition features a fashion show, celebrity auction, a fine arts students art show and sale and a pseudo-rave courtesy of DJ Rice. D’Archangelo expects this event to attract not only disenchanted or disaffected singles but also couples who aren’t up for a high-pressure or expensive rendezvous.

"Hallmark gets to people and they just snap, they have to say they did something," she says. "I think it justifies them buying all that chocolate for themselves."

D’Archangelo is especially stoked about making good on her promise to hold a fashion show this year. The Bitter Ball’s fashion segment includes 15 models, many of them U of C students. Proceeds from the celebrity auction go to People Against Impaired Driving.

Unfortunately, eligible bachelor-ette D’Archangelo isn’t walking down the fashion aisle or allowing herself to be auctioned off for a third time at The Bitter Ball. There’s still hope, though.

"It would take significant demand," she says with a smirk. "I’m not afraid though."

Taking D’Archangelo’s place as a model is SU President Toby White.

Joining White in the auction is international model and local boy Wade Ponic, fresh off the runways in Milan and Paris.

"Toby’s got a little bit of competition," says D’Arachangelo. "For the lingerie set we’re not sure whether or we’re going to use Wade or Toby, Toby or Wade. I mean Toby’s been working out, and [there’s] a rumour he got waxed. He hasn’t shown me yet but, you know, we’ll have to check it out."

Speaking of wax, Night Gallery alumnist DJ Rice is dropping beats and spinning tracks for the first time on campus. D’Archangelo beams at how after years of trying to land Rice, the SU finally snagged him. She can’t wait to see his show.

"I am more loyal to DJ Rice than I’ve been to any partner," she claims.