Calgary cold spell over

By Raquel Mann

A new, cold wave has exploded into the Western Canadian rock scene this winter, but don’t worry, there’s no danger of frostbite.

"Cold rock" is how Joshua’s Habit describe their music–an alternative current sound with edge and a lot of energy. Though only two months old, this passionate and determined local band is already carving its name into the music industry.

"I expected good things from the band from the start," explains lead voalist Travis Punkiw. "Things just seemed to be flowing and it just fell right together nicely."

The band’s rocket success was launched in the beginning of February with the release of their self-recorded demo. Its verve was magnetic and, soon after, several radio stations across Western Canada added Joshua’s Habit to their rotation. The band has made appearances on A-Channel’s The Breakfast Show and will soon open for Jack Union.

"The secret is that we’re getting our music out there as soon as it’s done," he says. "As soon as we’re done writing, we record it and get something out to our fans and close friend–and our close friends have a lot of close friends."

Their performance at MacEwan Hall will be the biggest for the band so far, however, Joshua’s Habit is not worried in the least. The band is confident in their music and their enthusiasm is intense. In fact, the band’s guitarist, simply called Dano, says the only worry on his mind is the possibility of getting a pimple.

"The show combines a lot of different elements, such as gymnastics, hanging off of rafters and roofs and fish fights," he laughs. However, for Joshua’s Habit, it also goes a little deeper than only crazy, rock ‘n’ roll stage antics.

"It’s all about twisting emotions, bringing people to highs and lows and getting them to feel what you’re feeling up on stage," says Pankiw.

While Dan’s ardently articulated guitar solos are supported well by firm and steadfast rhythm guitar, Pankiw’s vocals are strong and clearly convey the emotion and mood of the music.

Though they have come so far so quickly, it hasn’t been a pushover, and they don’t expect the road to be easy in the least.

"Music is our primary focus. It’s definitely been a dedication," says Pankiw. "We’ve had to give up a lot of our normal lifestyle to put this thing together, but it’s a passion and something we’re really driving for. We’ve probably played more together than some bands that have been together for over a year."

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