Older, but definitely not wiser

By Melissa Mouat

Attention all reformed punk rockers, consider this an invitation to revisit your anti-establishment ideals. Pennywise is coming to town. But before you break out the bottle of JD to start your warmup, be forewarned — this is not quite the Pennywise of yesteryear. Zoli Teglas, formerly of Ignite, officially replaced Pennywise vocalist Jim Lindberg at… Continue reading Older, but definitely not wiser

Racism meets indomitable rock

By Peter Hemminger

The benefit concert is a tricky beast. If you focus too much on the concert aspect, people will lose sight of the message and succumb instead to pure entertainment. If you focus too much on the message, people will get bored. It’s a fact. Most people have short attention spans and little patience for preaching.… Continue reading Racism meets indomitable rock

Tea Party’s newfound mantra

By Kyle Young

Students are in for a treat this Friday, and it has nothing to do with the end of classes. The University of Calgary will host the Tea Party this week as they hit Calgary on the promotional tour of their latest album, The Interzone Mantras. According to bass/keyboard/harmonium player Stuart Chatwood, Tea Party wil be… Continue reading Tea Party’s newfound mantra

Calgary cold spell over

By Raquel Mann

A new, cold wave has exploded into the Western Canadian rock scene this winter, but don’t worry, there’s no danger of frostbite."Cold rock" is how Joshua’s Habit describe their music–an alternative current sound with edge and a lot of energy. Though only two months old, this passionate and determined local band is already carving its… Continue reading Calgary cold spell over

Fellows comfortably independent

By James Keller

While Christine Fellows’ style of music is by no means mainstream, she’s quite comfortable in her own, independent space–complete with a piano and violinist on the side."I want to stay independent," says Fellows, whose latest disc, The Last One Standing, was recently released by Six Shooter Records. "It’s just keeping a little more control."This control… Continue reading Fellows comfortably independent

The Terrain of Calgary’s jazz music scene

By David Kenney

Jazz is life for Tyler Hornby.For someone who at first hated trumpet legend Miles Davis, that might be a surprise. But years of learning, playing and understanding jazz has Hornby a disciple to the music of cool.Now it’s eight days a week teaching, playing, listening and cultivating jazz grooves in one form or another. Tonight,… Continue reading The Terrain of Calgary’s jazz music scene