Sustainable growth conference

While G8 countries are starting to rise from the largest simultaneous economic slowdown in a quarter century, they face a series of acute risks. From stagnation in Japan to higher debt in North America, the global economy has seen better days.

Producing sustainable growth is as essential for the reduction of poverty in Africa as it is for enhancing the world’s development in general. Therefore, the University of Calgary, the G8 Research Group, the Guido Carli Association and the Research Group on Global Financial Governance are hosting a conference called Sustaining Global Growth: Prosperity, Security and Development Challenges for the Kananaskis G8.

The conference will be hosted at the U of C on Sat., June 22, 2002 and will try to address issues relating to the restoration of permanent global economic prosperity after September 11.

The conference will feature experts from the three G8 regions–North America, Europe and Asia–both onsite and through videoconferencing. Each conference session will feature presentations by leading practitioners and scholarly experts. This is coordinated in order to achieve a detailed discussion of the G8’s past performance, present situation and future potential.

Participation for U of C students is free, and the rest of the world will be able to participate through the conference webcast. Questions can be posed to the experts via the Internet.

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