Operation Makeout

Call me sexist if you want, but I never could stand girl-rock. Women can make some beautiful music, there’s no questioning that, but with the exception of Janis Joplin, very few girls can actually just “rock out.” All the famous poster-girls for female rock have either gone pop (No Doubt, Amanda Marshall), become utterly self-absorbed (Alanis Morissette) or just collapsed under the bulk of their egos (Courtney Love). Leave it to one of the best-named bands in showbiz to prove me wrong.

Operation Makeout is Katie, Anna, and Jesse, on guitar, drums, and bass respectively. Their sound combines intricate guitar work, punk-rock energy, indie smarts, and pop sensibilities into something unique but still accessible. Though they are often compared to Sleater-Kinney, the comparison is superficial at best.

"It’s really frustrating to me," Katie explains. "Sleater-Kinney is a great band but I really think a lot of the time, because it’s a female fronted band and it’s in the same genre, that we automatically get described as a Sleater-Kinney rip-off band."

The frustration is clear in her voice as she says this, but she’s quick to clear it up.

"I know it happens with a lot of other bands too, which is why I don’t take it too personally." It’s a good thing too, because tracks like "Nightlife" and "Lost, Unwanted…But Still Nice" from their debut lp Hang Loose show off a creativity that goes far beyond any rip-off artist.

As far as plans for the future go, Katie isn’t worried. Despite a number of line-up changes, including the recent addition of Jesse on bass, Operation Makeout is in it for the long haul.

"Our band has gone through a lot of turmoil, and if we can get through all that and still be a band and still be friends, then I think we’re going to be here for a while."

We can only hope. With just one ep and a single full-length album on Mint Records to their credit, Operation Makeout are already a recognizable name, and one that will undoubtedly be on the move. Even with all these newfound fans, Katie isn’t above a little shameless promotion. When I ask her to pass on one more message, she makes it plain and simple, "Come to our show at the Carpenter’s Union Hall."

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll take her advice.

Check out Operation Makeout live Fri., Sept. 13 at Carpenter’s Union Hall in an all-ages show.


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