Letter: Signs of research

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “U of C president sorely disappoints,” Oct. 10, 2002

I found this article a perfect example of University of Calgary students complaining about things that they obviously have not bothered to look into. I fully agreed with the author’s stance on rising tuition, but this story is not new to the Gauntlet, or most university newspapers across Canada. What worries me is the author’s view on research, especially undergraduate research at the U of C.

I completed my BSc in Geology in the spring of 2001, and have now started my MSc. During the fourth year of my degree, I completed an undergraduate thesis for credit. Practically all of my classmates also completed theses of their own as well. When the author says “I haven’t had increased access to research, and I’m in my fourth year not my first,” she might want to stop writing articles and ask professors about possible thesis projects.

I feel this is a fundamental problem with the undergraduate population at this institution. They continue to bitch about the university, but they will not get off their ass to better their education. I don’t agree with many decisions made by the president, but I think his stance on research is in the right direction, and it is now in the hands of the students, not the administration to increase undergraduate research.

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