Letter: Krafty falls short

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “Krafty puts spin on houseboat trip,” Oct. 10, 2002.

After reading Richard “Krafty” Bergen’s opinion article on the SU houseboat trip, I made a one-eighty on my views on the SU. The SU managed to accomplish a great deal.

For example, the first night they established the issues which they thought the student body was most concerned with, cost of living, tuition and what the hell the SU does. Wow, does it take anything smarter than a no-talent ass-clown to realize that student expenses are our main concern? Thanks for coming out! And what exactly does the SU do for us besides events? Let us keep in mind here that they are paid positions, so not only do they go houseboating, but they also get paid to do it.

He then goes on to state that “the second day concentrated on team building.” What did they build? Working relationships that will come to an end with elections in the spring? If I can get paid to discuss my personal goals, maybe I should run for SU, so everyone can know that my lifelong ambition is to be a female impersonator. The only real work they managed to do was to discuss event planning. I am no expert, but I think I speak for a fair number of people when I say who gives a shit about working structures for event planning? Just hurry up an plan some events. If they spent less this year then last year on team building events, kudos to them, but do they really need a bus and houseboats to discuss issues they are already being paid to discuss? Worse yet, to come away from it, as far as I am concerned, no better off? Maybe it is time for the SU to stop spending our money on activities for them and start spending it on activities for us.

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