Holy season-sweep, Batman!

It was on The Simpsons that Adam West once remarked: “You know, in my day Batman didn’t need moulded plastic to improve his physiqueâ€| Pure West.”

To put the Dinos women’s soccer team in that context, we need to view their game against the Trinity Western University Spartans like it was an episode of TV’s original Batman. The plot-line was similar, as the Dinos came from behind and overcame their fiendish rivals from Langley. There was a happy ending–Calgary won 2-1–and finally, there were heroics worthy of the Caped Crusader himself.

The Dinos found themselves down 1-0 when TWU’S Katie Smart blasted the ball past Charlotte Sullivan in the 32nd minute. Calgary pressed, but couldn’t get the ball in the Trinity net (Batman tracks the villain to his lair only to find it empty). Cue halftime, and cue the dramatic scene with our heroes about to perish through some insane concoction.

Enter master motivator Head Coach Robin “Slot Machine” Slot.

“We had a great halftime talk,” said striker Megan Dourado. “Robin yelled and it really fired us up.”

In the second half, the Dinos didn’t need moulded plastic to beat up on TWU. Solid defence did the trick, and Calgary held the Spartans down long enough for a late strike from defender Zoe Addington and another one from Dourado a minute later. Wham! Zowie! They saved the day.

“There is only so many times we can say that we should win,” said Addington. “It gives us great confidence to to come back and win.”

Next up for our heroes is a trip to Alberta and Saskatchewan Oct. 4-6. Tune in next week, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

G-G-G-Goal Notes

Injured Dinos midfielder Joan Hall visited her team and that was too much for keeper Charlotte Sullivan who was overcome with tears.

“She didn’t get a shutout and she only cried a little bit,” laughed Addington.

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