VP Events Irene Enyedy

By Kris Kotarski

Irene Enyedy would be happy with a 36-hour day. That would give her the time to do everything she wants to do, and maybe, she might even get to relax for an hour or so.

Enyedy is a workaholic; Enyedy is also a slave driver. It is these two qualities that are at the root of everything positive and negative about her performance with the SU thus far.

On one hand, Enyedy’s work ethic is in part responsible for the SU’s spectacular successes: homecoming, Bling Bling, and Overflow. Enyedy has also overseen the growth of Monday night Cinemania and maintained (or plans to maintain) other successful projects of her predecessors.

However, success comes at a price. Enyedy’s has a love/hate relationship with her commission, and often becomes a gruesome taskmaster. She corrals staff members, bystanders and hordes of commissioners to do her bidding, and her own stress levels often agitate others. She also steals commissioners from other executives, most notably VP-Op-Fi Robbie White.

Also, as with every VP-events, Enyedy must share credit with the SU’s permanent staff. Together, the SU managed to pull off several outstanding September events within just days of each other.

But just as there were successes, there were failures as well. Both Dinos Week and S.U.D.S. Week failed to produce the desired effect, and in the case of Dinos Week, failed to produce an effect at all. Again, Enyedy is not the only one at fault, but much of the responsibility lies with her.

In the new year, the tuition fight will become Enyedy’s biggest challenge. The SU plans a massive publicity campaign and the brunt of the work will fall on the communications department, the VP-events and her commission. Enyedy’s term will end in success if she manages to take on all challenges and keeps her head about her. If not, her personal stress level will affect the productivity of those around her–the biggest potential problem in an otherwise competent year.

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