Dinos return annoyed and bitter; an interview with the Revolution

By Warren Jerred

Dinos Senior Swinger Andy “the Reverend Revolution” Holland and I were “messenging” each other on MSN this morning, so I seized the opportunity for a candid interview now that the Dinosours have returned from desolate, distant Saskatoon, where they lost their first-round playoff matches 3-0, 3-1 over the weekend.

Fortunately, the matches did not affect Calgary’s chances of making it to nationals. In fact they could still win the Canada West Conference! Such is the nature of Canada West scoring and playoffs. Even sports genius Joe “Not my Real Name” Sports got it wrong on the news, sadly reporting that the Dinos had been eliminated from playoff contention. Realistically, the playoffs haven’t even started yet. Because Calgary finished fourth in the conference, the Dinos were also the “highest-seeded first-round loser,” which qualifies them for the final four this weekend at Alberta. Try to keep up. Actually, we’re getting ahead of ourselves, here’s the Andy interview:

Me: “So Andy, since the matches were really meaningless, give me a standard athlete response as to why they were important.”

Andy: “It was a chance to continue to play and prepare for this weekend. We wanted to win and are focusing on one weekend at a time.”

Me: “That’s perfect. Now, how was Saskatoon?”

Andy: “It was cold.”

Me: “And the bus ride?”

Andy: “Long.”

Me: “Experts say that the best way to be a good passer in volleyball is to get into a mental state when all you think about is passing. Could you comment as to whether or not this is why Adam Ens of the Huskies looks as though he is passing not a volleyball, but a kidney stone, during play?”

Andy: (I can feel the shudder through my ISP) “I’d rather not; too traumatizing.”

Me: “Any questions about what you missed in Calgary while you were gone?”

Andy: “Yeah, the store by my house closed down. Does anyone know where I can get a litre of cola?”

Me: “You’re a weird guy.”

Me: “So between bad weather, long bus trips, and guys with weird ugly faces, the weekend sounds pretty rough, and on top of it all, you guys lost. Was anything about it fun?”

Andy: “We watched Super Troopers twice. Funny movie.”

Wow, when a movie like that is the highlight of the weekend, it sounds like even a trip to the industrial park that is the U of A campus will be sheer joy for the Dinos this weekend. Perhaps even better would be a Canada West Championship when no one is expecting them to win. After all, it’s not whether you have fun; it’s whether you win or lose… or whatever.