Why not a women’s centre?

By Desiree Kopp

Editor, the Gauntlet,

The group of women and men on campus working to re-establish the women’s centre have recently become aware of some issues that have arisen with regard to the re-establishment of a women’s centre at the University of Calgary. Many students are asking why a women’s centre is necessary on our campus. We believe the crucial question to be asked is "why not a women’s centre?"

There are many student services that are not entirely necessary on campus, however, they enhance the lives of students and their education. Some examples of these services are the Native Centre, the International Student Centre, the Chaplains’ Centre, even the Students’ Union itself is not a compulsory group for the operation of a university. However, we believe most students would agree that these services enrich the lives of students and the quality of their education. We believe a women’s centre on campus would also enhance student’s lives and education.

During the letter-signing campaign, some students felt our approach was invasive, we are very sorry that any students felt this way, this was not at all our intention. Our goal is to create a centre where all women feel welcome and appreciated. If we have offended anyone in asking them to sign a letter, we are truly sorry.

In light of this and other issues that have arisen, we would like to invite students with questions and concerns to a table in Mac Hall in the next few weeks, where we can discuss these issues in a respectful manner.

At this time we would also like to ask the students who oppose a women’s centre "why not a women’s centre at the U of C?" We hope this will help bring our campus community closer and clear the air so students can work together on this issue.

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