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Why not a women’s centre?

By Desiree Kopp

Editor, the Gauntlet, The group of women and men on campus working to re-establish the women’s centre have recently become aware of some issues that have arisen with regard to the re-establishment of a women’s centre at the University of Calgary. Many students are asking why a women’s centre is necessary on our campus. We… Continue reading Why not a women’s centre?

SU debates women’s centre

By Natalie Sit

A proposed women’s centre received tentative support from the Students’ Union.Desiree Kopp spoke on behalf of the Campus Women Resource Centre at the Tue., Oct. 21 Students’ Legislative Council meeting. In a non-binding vote, 12 councillors supported a women’s centre in MacEwan Student Centre. "It’s a clear indication to [SU Vice-President Operations and Finance] Gavin… Continue reading SU debates women’s centre

A centre of their own

By Emily Elder

It began as a class project. When Annalea Sordi, a 2003 sociology graduate, started at the University of Calgary in 1998, the Women’s Collective and Resource Centre was open and active. It closed in 1999. Three years later, when a class presented the opportunity, Sordi and classmates Karoline Kemp and Angela Sheppard decided to try… Continue reading A centre of their own

Serving more than half

By Jeremy Clarke

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: “SU debates women’s centre,” Oct. 23, 2003, Students’ Union President Jayna Gilchrist doesn’t believe a women’s resource centre should be a priority because “it only assists half of the [university] population.” As a member of the other half, I would like to disagree. During the SU meeting after which Gilchrist made… Continue reading Serving more than half

A closer look

By Michael Jankovic

Three weeks ago, I penned a column for the Gauntlet suggesting feminists need to stop pursuing petty projects here in Canada and export feminism to the rest of the world, where it is desperately needed. The part of the article that caught the attention of a lot of readers was the opinion that a women’s… Continue reading A closer look

Creative cuisine for a cause

By Natalie Sit

If Kraft Dinner is an essential part of a university experience, 15 University of Calgary students can consider the requirement fulfilled. On Wed., Nov. 28, the Students’ Union hosted the Mac and Cheese Cookoff as part of the Tuition Action Comittee events. Fifteen entrants competed to create the best variation of the KD treat using… Continue reading Creative cuisine for a cause