Steve-O + New Year’s = crazy

By Salima Stanley-Bhanji

New Year’s Eve brought 1,800 people to campus for Steve-O of Jackass fame, keeping Campus Security, along with Students’ Union event staff and Calgary police officers, on their toes throughout the night.

Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz described it as an "active night."

Early in the event a fire alarm sounded, requiring the evacuation of the entire building, including MacEwan Hall.

"Many patrons were throwing their beer cans up on the stage," said Fritz. "We had another incident where a patron ended up getting on stage with the entertainer."

Steve-O’s security staff then allegedly assaulted the patron who was transported to the Foothills Hospital with head and neck injuries. This was one of three assaults reported on campus during December.

"Almost all of our assaults on campus are confined to consensual bar fights," said Fritz. "Crimes against persons are very few and far between. Our biggest crime problem is thefts."

While theft on campus often involves university property, a December theft from the locker rooms in the Kinesiology Complex resulted in one student losing a large sum of money.

"The thieves that are responsible in many cases are off-campus people that view the university campus as a soft target," explained Fritz.

With eight theft reports on campus in December, each involving over $1,000 in stolen property, students are warned not to leave their property unattended, even if they are just taking a short coffee break from studying.

A highlight for Campus Security and other staff required to work on campus on Christmas Day, was a complimentary turkey dinner organized by Gary Kilbourne, owner and proprietor of Ploughboy in the ICT building.

Counterfeit $10 bills were also reported on campus.

"This problem comes up every year," said Fritz.

The counterfeit notes can be identified by a distorted holographic maple leaf or blurred or illegible lettering on the bill.

A recent assault at the Brentwood LRT Station is a good reminder for students to take some basic safety precautions. Fritz encourages walk- ing with a friend to and from classes or walking in close proximity to other people.

"So-called offenders are least likely to act out if other members of the public are around," said Fritz.

Safewalk is also available on a 24-hour basis. Fritz advises students walking back to their cars late at night to have their keys ready and to park under street lights.

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