Students will fund the appeal

By I. Piedmont

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Election overturned," Mar. 25, 2004,

Sadly, it appears even universities are not above the legal games so prevalent in elections these days. Rather than accept the will of the electorate, it seems much easier for the losers to simply throw their efforts into judicial appeals. Now Phil Barski will join Sheila Copps in the courts, unable to accept the decision handed down by the voters.

Of course, it would seem obvious to students that voting irregularities, as minute as they were, would certainly affect all candidates equally. This argument is clearly a smokescreen for the real reason behind this petition: Barski can’t take losing.

One month ago students voted for independent candidates and a president who is not arrogant and condescending. Rather than take a look at their own campaign, "Barski’s Cabinet" is instead choosing to blame everyone but themselves.

This attempt to salvage Barski’s pride is more than a mere annoyance.

The costs of re-running this election will be in the tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention hours of good people’s time. Every hour of the SU’s time and every dime of the SU’s money wasted on this appeal is taken directly away from the students of this university. That means fewer services, less fun on BSD and higher prices in Mac Hall.

Nonsense like this happens in the world, I believe, because good people stand by and watch it happen. I call on the students of this university to stand up for themselves.

Do you support the use of SU money–your money–in this frivolous fashion? If not, then let your voice be known.

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