CRO gives final election report

By James Keller

Over two months after polls closed, the Students’ Union Chief Returning Officer finally delivered his final report to the SU, assessing the 2004 General Election. CRO Shuvaloy Majumdar ap-peared at the Tue., Apr. 13 meeting of the Students’ Legislative Council. Majumdar previously reported to council Sun, Mar. 14, but the delivery of his final report… Continue reading CRO gives final election report

SU appealing election further

By Chris Beauchamp

The Students’ Union Tribunal has agreed to hear the SU’s appeal of the Review Board’s decision to overturn the 2004 SU General Election. The Review Board ruled in favour of failed presidential candidate Phil Barski, declaring that voting irregularities centered around the online voting software designed by Sorex Software Inc. materially affected the outcome of… Continue reading SU appealing election further

Students will fund the appeal

By I. Piedmont

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: "Election overturned," Mar. 25, 2004, Sadly, it appears even universities are not above the legal games so prevalent in elections these days. Rather than accept the will of the electorate, it seems much easier for the losers to simply throw their efforts into judicial appeals. Now Phil Barski will join Sheila… Continue reading Students will fund the appeal

Barski’s conflict of interest?

By Name withheld

Editor, the Gauntlet, As a concerned student I have been extremely worried about the upcoming Students’ Union election. One issue I am concerned about is the sponsoring of slates by companies. In particular, Barski’s Cabinet has made it evident they are being sponsored by an online company that provides services similar to the Students’ Union,… Continue reading Barski’s conflict of interest?

U-Pass Not Up Ass

By Murray Birt

Editor, the Gauntlet, I would like to issue a complaint about the campaign material being used by the "No" U-Pass campaign. In the electoral supplement, on posters, and on their website, the campaign is using the phrase "No Up Ass." I find that the hyphenation of "U-Pass" into "Up Ass" both offensive and distasteful. By… Continue reading U-Pass Not Up Ass